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ECB replies negatively in Alcimos request for full disclosure of the decisions dated 28 June and 6 July 2015.

A month after Alcimos’ confirmatory application, the Executive Board maintains ECB’s position to deny full disclosure of the contested decisions and related deliberations of the Governing Council on the grounds of the protection of the public interest.
See document here.

ECB submitted its observations on the request for expedited procedure.

ECB states its arguments on Alcimos’ Application for acceleration of the proceedings and requests the Court to order that the request for an expedited procedure is dismissed as inadmissible.
See document here.

Goodbye from the land of 15% resi yields

Reading through the thread of comments on our latest post, one common theme emerged: there is Greece-fatigue. As one commenter succinctly put it: “I’m sick of hearing about Greece and will not read any more articles about it”.

Greece—now what?

For those of you who like fast-forwarding to the end of the film, here it is:

Grexit was never on the cards. Even less so after the recent European Summit decisions and the Greek bank recap recently put in motion. This is mainly on account of the dual surpluses Greece currently runs: the current-account and […]

The application for expedited procedure has been served on the ECB

ECB shall lodge its defence and observations by 11/09/2015 on the request of Alcimos for an expedited procedure regarding its applications for initiating and interim proceedings against ECB.

See document here.

Alcimos asks ECB’s executive board to reconsider its position

Alcimos is arguing on the grounds of ECB’s refusal to disclose the related deliberations of its contested decisions and provides evidence showing that the “confidential information” omitted from its reply, has been publicly available from time to time, either officially or unofficially.

See document here.

ECB replies to the request for public access to ECB documents

A certification was provided by the Governing Council of the ECB strictly limiting the release of the minutes to its actual decisions and avoiding any disclosure of the related deliberations.

See document here

George Kintis is quoted in Frances Coppola’s blog in ft.com

According to George Kintis of the investment company Alcimos, there is considerable pent-up demand in Greece, particularly in property, which should be attractive to investors prepared to take risks. “Greece is the mother of all opportunities right now,”

Read full article here.

Alcimos asks for a time extension from the General Court

Alcimos requests the Court either to accept the official press releases of the ECB as sufficient documentation, or to extend the time limit of its request, so as to cover the twenty working days period, within which ECB should reply to our application for access to the contested decisions.

You can find the application here

Alcimos applies for public access to ECB documents

Alcimos formally requests ECB to provide the decisions of its Governing Council recorded in the minutes of its respective meetings, dated 28 June 2015 and 6 July 2015, rejecting the request of the Bank of Greece to increase ELA ceiling for Greek banks.

See document here.