George Kintis is quoted in Frances Coppola’s blog in

According to George Kintis of the investment company Alcimos, there is considerable pent-up demand in Greece, particularly in property, which should be attractive to investors prepared to take risks. “Greece is the mother of […]

Our legal actions against the ECB are mentioned in again

Some charge the ECB as complicit in what they view as European creditors’ blackmailing of Greece to sign up to a bailout with such bruising terms. Last week Alcimos, a private equity firm with […] mentions our legal actions against the ECB

A small Greek company has lodged a suit with the Court of Justice of the European Union. The full argument is available here. (Free Lunch has already examined similar arguments why the ECB is acting in breach […]

George Kintis is quoted by Al-Jazeera, on the current Greek situation

“It was a very smart move by whoever wanted to corner [German Chancellor Angela] Merkel,” said George Kintis, who heads up a private equity firm called Alcimos.

The question of solvency
Capital controls began on June […]

Investors Returning to Greece’s Real Estate Market – WSJ

“I think we will have a huge inflow of foreign investors buying second homes in Greece, the same as we saw in Florida, where we have seen a huge inflow of out-of-state and foreign investors,” said George Kintis, founder and director of Alcimos, a Greek private-equity fund and advisory specializing in real estate.

Philip Dragoumis is quoted on Bloomberg

“Hellenikon is an extremely important project for Greece, a landmark privatization,” said Philip Dragoumis, a director at Athens-based Alcimos, which advises clients on distressed debt, real estate and private equity. “The delay in moving […]