We focus on deep value opportunities in a variety of asset classes from sizes ranging from €1m to €500m.

For example:

Non-performing loan portfolios sourced mainly from international banks active in our region. Systemic Greek banks currently remain under-provisioned but this may change over time

Corporate bankruptcies or accidents when the habitual can-kicking strategy of Greek banks reaches a dead-end. We step in to preserve the underlying value of the company and/or assets. These can be complex situations where we leverage all our legal, financial and transaction expertise and our local knowledge to discover value that is not always ap- parent and to structure a successful deal

Real estate opportunities from auctions, bank sales, distressed sellers. Our dedicated experienced team scours the market for mispriced assets, performs background legal, planning checks and valuations. We look at income producing properties (office, industrial, logistics), hotel & leisure facilities and land banking

Hard asset sourcing including ship and aircraft assets and related leases, capital raising for ship acquisitions, infrastructure assets


We aim to deliver to our investors and clients “sign on the dotted line” opportunities where we handle all the work involved utilizing the firm’s and its partners’ sectoral and geographical expertise.

Our Services

• Asset and transaction origination through direct networks in Greece and South East Europe, generally off market and often arising out of special situations

• We analyse and value assets and provide full independent research on local markets, companies and sectors

• Full due diligence ahead of any investment – financial, commercial, technical and legal

• Tax planning and optimization

• Legal advice in house legal counsel

• Full range of real estate services analysis, full technical/legal due diligence, transaction structuring, negotiation, completion, asset and property management – in house civil engineer

• Investment monitoring and management — a hands-on approach: we always seek out the most talented and trusted management in the market

• Co-investment — We typically co-invest personal funds alongside our investors to show that our interests are aligned and that we have skin in the game